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Intuitive Painting With Laura Leigh 
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Laura Leigh 

Monday, August 1-Sunday, August 7
Intuitive Painting with laura Leigh
Medium: Oil, Watercolor
Level: All Levels
Location: Stepping Stone 
Open for Registration
Instructors Website:https://www.lauraleighlanchantin.com/

Intuitive Painting

Inspired by nature and the landscapes of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River Valley, these classes are one part basic painting lesson and one part art therapy. I create a calm environment for you to open the door to your inner creative world, while also learning basic painting techniques that work for your individual skill set. In each class I will guide you through a landscape painting step by step while presenting color, composition and drawing techniques that are simple and easy to follow. This is a class in creative confidence, and students will learn new ways of drawing and painting that resonate personally and allow you to open up and express yourself with the paint. You're not expected to create a masterpiece, you're expected to be yourself. Supplies provided, acrylic paint is typically used.

About Laura 

Laura Leigh is a fine artist and maker of organic watercolor paints based in New Paltz, NY. Laura blends the line between abstraction and landscape in her plein air oil paintings. After completing her BFA in Painting and Drawing from SUNY New Paltz in 2014, she has completed several artist's residency programs, many in national parks. Laura has created her own earth pigment library made from Ochre minerals and clay from around the country. She believes that painting is therapeutic and wants to help heal and connect people through creative expression.
Package Rates
Day Package: $50 

Full week Package: $1500, Includes breakfast, Lunch